K.O. CORE: Knockout Strength and Physique like an MMA Fighter... effective exercises that you can do almost ANYWHERE, using minimal equipment and in 30 minutes or less!

Dear Fitness Enthusiast,

Let me ask you a question: were you a pretty hard core athlete back in the day?

If your reading this, most likely the answer is YES!

Do you remember how your body looked AND felt back then?

Do you remember being able to run, throw, swing, lift or hit for hours at a time?

Well, believe it or not, with the right training program, it's totally possible for you to regain or even surpass the body that you had back in the day!

People are doing it all the time...

The only question that's left is WHAT KIND OF BODY DO YOU WANT?

Before I tell you more about getting the body that YOU truly want, you need to how and why this program was created !!!

Jeremy-2Hey folks, Jeremy D. Murphy here!

I'm this guy to the right. I also happen to be a business owner, veteran personal trainer, father, husband and a professional mixed martial arts fighter. I'm also a healthy, sexy 37 years young.

My point?

I know first hand the importance and not only being fit but also, for my weekend warriors, the NEED to have a body that can PERFORM. For several years now I've be working with ultra busy, high level professionals in the Silicone Valley area.

This fine class of people are some of the very best in the country, if not in the world, at what they do! That said, they also tend to have very limited spare time. As a result, I quickly came to understand the importance of making the best out of every minute I had with my clients.

On several occasions, I found myself with only 30 or 40 minutes to train my clients. In-spite, of the fact that our time was limited I still wanted to give them the BEST workout I possibly could so I began to develop short and simple 10 to 20 minute High Intensity Interval Training circuits or "HIIT Circuits". The inspiration for these intervals came from the HIIT sessions that I was doing with my Mixed Martial Arts coaches, trainers and fellow fighters. When these HIIT Circuits were combined with a little warm up and some basic strength training exercises my clients not only got the burn that they so desperately needed but they also started to see some phenomenal results!

GloveMy people got leaner, stronger, healthier and sexier! I watched people increase their near max squat and dead lift rep weight while also decreasing their 1,000 meter machine row and 1 mile run times. All of those outcomes are a result of was come to be called "Fight Based Training". In Fight Sports, especially mixed martial arts, to compete effectively you have to have an incredible combination of skill, strength, power and cardio capacity all at once. The best part is, that's a level of fitness that almost anyone can obtain without ever having to step into a cage. But the hidden secret that we've uncovered is that you have to have a solid core before you can do any of that other stuff. To have a Knockout Body you NEED to have a Knockout Core and that's why "THE K.O. CORE" program was created!


Now, back to that last question:

What kind of body do you REALLY want?

Maybe you'd like the sleek and elegant body of a professional figure skater?

Maybe you'd like the buff and brooding body of an NFL linebacker?

Or maybe you'd like to have the slender, high endurance body of a marathon runner?

Don't get me wrong, all those body types are great!

They are all very efficient in what they're designed to do.

However, if you're at all like me; you want the BEST body you can possibly have.

You want a body that can jump, twist, sprint, lift, swing, jog, push, pull and throw.

You want a body the looks great and feels strong, no matter what the task is!

You want a KNOCKOUT BODY, you want the Strength and Physique of a Professional  MMA Figher!!!

Here is my blueprint of how to go from a "Hell-No!"  to a "K.O." Core, training no more than 30 minutes a day, using a professionally designed workout regiment that almost anyone can follow!

You see, we’ve “Hacked” the system of the best way to get the body to respond positively to a well designed fitness regiment.

We introduce to you to

24 Fighter Sculpting workouts you can do almost ANYWHERE in 30 mins or less! 

When you pick up  a copy of K.O. CORE you will be exposed to the following items of AWESOME-NESS!

-An easy to follow, comprehensive SIX Week program that will help you obtain shredded core muscles from top to bottom!

-Safe and practical moves to build the foundation of a KO Core from the very beginning and then progresses you to more advanced movements.

-An Efficient Training Model. NO more 90 minute training sessions. TIME is our most precious commodity so don’t waste it going through the motions. Instead get in, get it done and get on with your day!

-A Core Training Philosophy that isn't based on theory or hypothesis but rather real world personal training results and personal fitness experience.

-Clear and concise pictures and explanations of each exercise movement.

-Professional program design that effectively progresses you from the simple to the more complicated moves.

-Moderately complicated moves and programs for the "WEEKEND WARRIORS" that are ready to push hard out of the gate.

-Advanced core movements for fitness professionals and high level athletes that are anxious to take their core to a whole new level.

-Built-in progress report so you can track your success and as you watch your body transform for the better!

-Private FACEBOOK group for KO CORE trainees designed to be supportive, fun and informative.

-And last but not least Rock Solid 60 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with No Questions Asked!!!

So what have you got to lose?

Answer: NOTHING! Except that belly maybe? 😉

Just kidding! BUUUUUT if that's true, then lets get started...

Get this entire program for $29.98

Only $14.99!!!

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KO CORE is a comprehensive 6 week fitness program that can be performed in 30 minutes or less for 4 days a week using only a medicine ball, a jump rope and your own bodyweight! With this phenomenal program, not only will you improve your strength, coordination, stamina, range of motion, power and balance but you’ll also find marked improvements in your physique and physical conditioning.

Do believe me?

No sweat, checkout what some of our satisfied customers have to say…

- Erick M. Palo Alto, Ca

I am in my early 40s and have worked out regularly throughout my life. I decided that those same spinning classes or cardio workouts were not working in the same way anymore. I joined Jeremy at Fire Fitness,  and I have never felt so motivated to become stronger. Jeremy focuses on strengthening the core with innovative exercises changing it up every time to make it intense and fun.  His exercises and routines typically work multiple parts of your body and cardio all at the same time.  This has helped me begin to reach my goals faster than I ever!

- Erick M. Palo Alto, Ca
- G. Preston, Atherton, CA

When my husband and I started training with Jeremy, I told him that I was frustrated and hadn't seen my abs since prior to having my children. He's given me a well diverse array of exercises to do both in the gym, and as 'homework'. I'm never bored, and now well on my way to creating abs, to having a strong core again, better than ever! I feel more strength and energy in just a couple of months than I have in years!

- G. Preston, Atherton, CA
Conrad V., Palo Alto, Ca

By the time I was entering my forties, the deficiencies of this approach (the conditioning paradigm I employed in my twenties) were manifest in eroding stamina and neck/back pain incurred during long cases standing at the table in the cardiac surgical suite in my practice.  The core conditioning work Fire Fitness Training helped to guide me through has erased the small support muscle fatigue that underlay my almost daily pain and stiffness.  The results have been truly impressive!

Conrad V., Palo Alto, Ca
- Sean Mitchell; Santa Clara, Ca

Jeremy is a fun enthusiastic guy, who core training exercises are both entertaining and extremely effective. I have lost weight, built muscle, and feel a lot healthier!

- Sean Mitchell; Santa Clara, Ca

-And last but not least Rock Solid 60 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with No Questions Asked! So, come on, let’s go! What do you have to lose?

Click the order button below to snag your copy of this phenomenal home fitness program for 50% off, that's only $14.99!!!

As you can see purchasing the KO CORE BODY HACK program, using the very same exercises that allowed me to score my very first pro mma TKO for under $15 bucks is a FANTASTIC deal! Considering that you probably spend more on Starbucks in any single given day and gain weight in the process! But don’t drag your feet because this offer won’t last long. So let’s get to work, get the KO CORE program today!!!

Wishing all the best,

Jeremy D. Murphy

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer & Pro MMA Fighter

PS: If you have an exercise gym at home with limited equipment then this program is perfect for you! All you need is a little open space, possibly a mat, a medicine ball and your own body weight!

PSS: By the way, just to be clear, this is NOT your typical--5 push ups, 10 Burpees, 15 Jack Knifes--kind of workout (although that’s not too bad a workout now that I think of it!). This training is all about rebuilding your core strength from top to bottom and left to right so that you can feel healthy, fit, strong and confident 24/7!

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Common Questions about KO CORE BODY HACK:

  • q-iconThis sounds really awesome but I’m a rookie. Do you think this program would be too hard for me?

    One of the aspects about K.O. CORE that I’m most proud of is that it’s designed to help the novice fitness enthusiasts rebuild their core from the ground up. So, yes! It’ especially for you! So, make sure that you buy it, try it and use it today!!!

  • q-iconHow are you distributing this information? Will I get a book in the mail? Will I have to download an app? How do I use it?

    Great question! No, you will not get this program in the mail. Instead you’ll receive PDF file for the entire program that can be downloaded to your computer, laptop or mobile phone. That way, you’ll get the information in the quickest, most convenient and efficient way possible.

  • q-iconIf I searched long enough, I bet I could find all this information somewhere on the internet for FREE. If that’s true, what reason do I have to buy this program?

    Well, there is a TON of different workout ideas on the internet now-a-days. Some of its good, some not so good and some if are just straight up tradegic; so it’s hard to say. But I can assure you that this program is totally unique in that it’s a brain child of my own design. I’ve been experimenting with the program design i.e. the “10 in 10” concept for a few years now. More importantly, this program has training movements and concepts that I’ve never seen anywhere before. Many of the movements just came to me as I was playing with different ideas to make my core stronger and tighter in particular areas. Once I found a movement that I liked and benefited from, I then tested the exercises on a few of my clients. Then in watching them use these movements for tighter and stronger core muscles I knew that we were on to something special!!!

  • q-iconI’m a fitness professional as well and I think my core is pretty strong already. However, I’m always interested in learning and exploring new fitness ideas. Do you think that I could get some positive results by putting myself through your program?

    Don’t worry about that! There is something in here for virtually every fitness level. Best part is, you being a trainer, if you find yourself doing a workout on the K.O. CORE program that’s not really challenging you, you have the know-how to make it a little harder. There are countless ways that you can antiy up on an exercise…you have use a heavier medicine ball, use a weighted vest, use explosive motions, use super-slow motions, use resistance bands—the list goes on and one. But the main thing is, if you’re not getting the workout you deserve then take a moment to use your creativity to spice it up and level up!

  • q-iconHow is this program different from other Core or Ab exercise programs that I’ve seen online or on t.v.?

    That’s a great question, glad you asked! In my opinion that are many aspects to this program that make it totally unique to virtually any other “Core Exercise” program out there! But let’s focus on the two main aspects for simplicity sake.

    Unique Quality #1: The name of the program “K.O. CORE” isn’t something I quickly came up with because I thought it would sound catchy or cool. This program is so appropriately named because the exercises in herein are the ones that I used to score a 17 second first round TKO in my fifth professional mma bout! Seriously!!! Originally, it was just something I was experimenting with in training camp. I was curious to see what would happen to my body if I focused my conditioning strictly on hard cardio and core strengthening  exercises. What I discovered after only a couple of weeks on this type of program was amazing. I found myself having improved balance, increased power, elevated speed and much improved range of motion. The changes in my striking were especially interesting because I found myself able to punch or kick very hard, for several sparring rounds with little rest needed. Moreover, I noticed that my core became tighter and stronger than I’ve ever seen it before!

    Unique Quality #2: Built-in progress report! When I’d hit the gym back in my college days I was always confused by all these wanna-be tough guys, grunting and yelling; lifting all this weight but not having a single piece of paper and pen (this was before iPhones) to record their results! What a waste of time, right? I mean, if you’re not recording everything in “Training Week 1” then how can you possibly know what to work on for “Training Week 2”?  How can you know what your strongest and weakest movements are? How do you know if you’re improving at all? Well, you won’t have to many of those questions with K.O. CORE! Twice a week you’ll have the opportunity to time yourself on challenging full body workouts and then record that time so that when that workout shows up again, you’ll be fully prepared to push yourself to the next level!

Just $29.98 $14.99!!!

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Let’s get your K.O. CORE program started so that you can get to work today!!!

If you have any questions you can email me at:


Jeremy D. Murphy

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer & Professional MMA Fighter

2015 Fire Fitness Training, Inc.